Advisory Services

ICoCA works with clients of private security companies across all sectors and regions to help clients reduce risk in their private security supply chain.

Company Vetting

ICoCA conducts human rights due diligence on private security companies contracted by clients. We assess private security company procedures, operations and practices, leveraging in-house expertise to determine the risk contracting particular providers. We work with clients and their private security providers to help raise their standards.

Procurement Advisory Services

ICoCA advises clients on how to ensure effective and efficient procurement processes. This includes review and recommendations of key documentation, including tenders and contracts. By guiding clients on responsible procurement practices, we help reduce their exposure to financial, litigious and reputational and risks.

Download our Procurement Guide.

Security Manager Training

ICoCA delivers in person and virtual trainings in multiple languages for security managers around the world. Trainings are tailored to a client’s specific needs.

ESG & Human Rights Due Diligence Compliance

ICoCA works with clients to ensure that their private security supply chain meets ESG criteria. As mandatory human rights due diligence comes online, we help future-proof companies against forthcoming regulation.


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