We continually monitor our Member & Affiliate Companies to ensure their compliance with the Code and improve their operations.

Due Diligence on Applicants and Members

ICoCA conducts due diligence on private security companies when they apply to join the Association and through the certification process. We maintain strict criteria using robust indicators that provide a clear roadmap for companies to follow.

In-Person Site Visits

ICoCA conducts in-person site visits to monitor Member and Affiliate companies operations on the ground. We spot-check their operations in response to complaints or known challenges, as well as conduct regular planned reviews to assess ongoing Code compliance.

Mandatory Reporting

All of our Member an Affiliate companies are required to submit an annual self-assessment. We track our companies progress on various Code principles, providing tailored feedback to help raise their standards.

Remote Tracking

We conduct virtual tracking of our Member and Affiliate companies, 24/7 through monitoring of news and events around the world in multiple languages.

Civil Society Network

Our active civil society network acts as our eyes and ears on the ground in many countries around the world. Over forty organisations currently assist in this effort, along with our engaged Observer network.