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Private security provision rarely tops supply chain considerations. Lack of vetting and monitoring of security providers is a critical risk for all organisations. Propper vetting starts at the tender and contract stage. Use this guide to help you contract responsible security providers.

What’s included

This guide, developed by the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA), provides a step-by-step guide for organisations across all sectors to help embed human rights due diligence processes into your procurement process. From tendering to contracting, to managing your security service providers, the guide is intended for anyone involved in the procurement of private security providers, including procurement managers, security managers and leadership teams.

How it helps

Download the guide to help you more efficiently screen for responsible private security providers that reduce your exposure to reputational, financial and legal risk. For companies, follow the steps outlined to demonstrate compliance with mandatory human rights due diligence in your supply chain, required in increasing numbers of jurisdictions around the world. For all organisations across all sectors the guide provides a guiderail to ensure duty of care to communities where private security providers operate.