Working Conditions

Poor working conditions may not only impact security workers and their families but also their performance. They may lead to corruption, misconduct and other offenses, as those who are abused become abusers.

When the abused becomes the abuser

In 2022-2023, ICoCA, in partnership with UNI Global Union and the University of Denver, set out to examine working conditions in the private security industry. In line with ICoCA’s mission, this research explored working conditions through a human rights lens, assessing how they impact on personnel rights and in what ways they can shape personnel’s treatment of the public.

This research spanned the globe, interviewing industry experts and surveying staff online and in-person. The resulting report identifies 8 main findings related to working conditions and their consequences, while also proposing solutions and serving as an advocacy tool.

Focus on East Africa

As part of this extensive research project, ICoCA also partnered with Consumer Options, a Market Research company based in Kenya, to conduct a survey on working conditions in the private security market in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

The surveys, including over 1,000 security guards in each country, revealed some alarming findings and confirm the urgent need to address this issue.