Reduce risks by hiring responsible private security

Role of Clients

Pivotal in Driving Security Industry Standards Up To Bring Risks Down

  • ICoCA is one of the most rigorous implementation mechanisms of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, its success relies on clients incorporating ICoCA Membership & Affiliation in their procurement requirements.
  • ICoCA’s impact is greatest when all State and non-State clients of private security companies include ICoCA Membership as a prerequisite in their security contracting.

The Benefits of Contracting ICoCA Members & Affiliates

Responsible Security Makes Better Business Sense Across All Sectors

  • For corporations, demonstrating human rights due diligence in the security supply chain by only contracting ICoCA Member and Affiliate companies, reduces risk of liability and reputational damage, attracting more investment.
  • The ongoing due diligence ICoCA conducts on its Members and Affiliates reduces reputational risk of governments and humanitarian organisations who contract private security providers.

Ensuring Standards in your Supply Chain

Beyond Compliance & Risk Reduction Through Human Rights Due Diligence in the Security Supply Chain

  • Contracting ICoCA Member & Affiliate Companies that respect human rights helps build trust with communities, enabling organisations to focus on their core business.
  • Enhancing their reputation and demonstrating value-driven culture, clients of ICoCA Member and Affiliate companies distinguish themselves from competitors who prioritize low-cost over responsible security provision.

What ICoCA Brings

Support in Contracting Responsible Security Providers

  • ICoCA is growing and diversifying its Membership base, from large multinationals to local providers, to ensure a competitive supply of responsible security providers in the complex environments where clients need to secure their operations.
  • ICoCA provides client support around procurement policies and practices in drafting their security tenders and contracts, helping them contract responsible security providers in compliance with the International Code of Conduct.

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