Mercy, Landmark Security

My name is Mercy, a Ghanaian, a security professional and a mother of one. All through my life I have been very influenced by my father’s career in the Military. I grew up at the military barracks in the early 80’s and developed lots of admiration and love for security. I experienced at an early age, the importance of the plethora of duties they do in honour of our country and the world at large. This in a way ignited my desire to work with Landmark Security in achieving their vision, goals and assisting clients in focusing on their core duties while we handle their everyday security needs.

I have been working in security for the past ten years. As the Head of HR & Administration, my primary responsibilities include client relations, management of our workforce, corporate social initiatives and external partners. My focus has always been to ensure the organization’s activities run seamlessly and efficiently by directing, controlling, and supervising the support services of the organization to facilitate its success. Currently, I also serve as the JV Partnership Manager having been actively involved in the negotiation process for the formation of a new joint venture company headquartered in Ghana (Castor Vali Landmark Limited) to address the critical risk and maritime safety needs, and to address the many issues identified in the upstream Oil & Gas industry in Ghana & Africa.

With a relatively limited number of women in security in a seemingly male dominated space, there’s the need to work extra hard to be recognized and to push the narrative to serve women well. I have never questioned whether my gender would hold me back, but rather see a lot of professional opportunities to make each day count meaningfully to the betterment of our society.  As a woman, wife and mother, it is quite challenging sometimes to juggle a tight demanding schedule with family life – sometimes working deep into the night at peak periods, and on critical deployments. That notwithstanding, I have a very supportive husband and  colleagues at Landmark Security that help to make a big difference in achieving a balanced work life.

As we celebrate International women’s day, I challenge all women to reach for greater heights in leadership irrespective of the many human restrictions and obstacles. #ChooseToChallenge  #IWD2021