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Article 12 of the ICoCA’s Articles of Association provides for oversight of Member Companies’ compliance with the Code through reporting, monitoring and assessment of performance and extends to corrective and disciplinary action for violations and alleged violations of the Code.


The Procedures for Reporting, Monitoring and Assessing Performance and Compliance aim to implement the requirements of Article 12 and were accepted by vote at the 2016 Annual General Assembly. The procedures involve remote monitoring, self-assessment by Member Companies, and field-based reviews, which would identify any concerns about—or barriers to—compliance to the Code. The Secretariat would then engage the Member Company in a confidential dialogue about these issues, and how they could be remedied. The procedures also lay out how ICoCA would respond to situations where a Member Company shows a pattern of non-compliance or fails to act in good faith in accordance with the Code, setting out a mechanism for corrective and disciplinary action for violations.