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As part of the ICoCA’s oversight role, the Association provides tools and guidance on implementing the Code for improved performance of Member Companies.


Please find in the following available tools and guidance.


Guidance on Company Grievance Mechanisms - Code paragraphs 66 to 68


As Members of the Association, Companies commit to establishing fair and accessible grievance mechanisms that offer effective remedies. In order to assist Member Companies to fulfil their commitments under the Code, the Association drafted guidance in cooperation with the support of its Member Companies and experts.



  1. Manual: explains how to use the Guidance and offers a checklist linked to an Executive Summary;
  2. Interpretative Guidance: provides further information and explanation. It describes good practices in more detail and explains why and how they are linked to the requirements of the Code as well as other international standards and principles.



The Guidance is a ‘living document’. The Association expects to revise it in the future, in the light of Member Companies’ experience, developments in the industry and lessons learned from the Association’s own review and handling of complaints it receives. To that end, the Association welcomes feedback from Companies that implement company grievance mechanisms (CGM) and use this Guidance.


The Guidance on Company Grievance Mechanisms is also available in the following languages:


Français: 1) Manuel et 2) Guide d'interprétation

Español: 1) Manual y 2) Orientación interpretativa

Chinese: 1) Manual and 2) Interpretative Guidance