In a significant development aimed at enhancing accountability and adhering to international standards in the private security industry, ICoCA has welcomed LiberoAssurance as its 11th recognised certification body. This partnership underscores a mutual commitment to promoting human rights, humanitarian laws and industry best practices across global operations.

LiberoGroup’s Ethical Focus

Based in Greece, LiberoGroup (LG), the parent organisation of LiberoAssurance, is a prominent player in engineering, technical services, certification and training provision. Operating through six distinct divisions, LG caters to the maritime and industrial sectors both locally and internationally, with a focus on quality, safety, security, environmental protection and regulatory compliance. LiberoAssurance represents LG’s pillar for Accredited Certification of Management Systems & Industrial Services.

Vasileios Lymperopoulos, Operations Manager at LiberoGroup, emphasises that LiberoAssurance’s decision to seek recognition from ICoCA underscores its strong alignment with the Association’s principles and its commitment to advancing ethical standards in the private security domain.

Setting Industry Standards for Global Security Operations

LiberoAssurance’s accreditation encompasses a wide array of industry standards, including ISO 28007 and ISO 18788 for security operations management. Clients certified by LiberoAssurance to ISO 28007 operate in high-risk areas globally, such as the Gulf of Aden and West Africa.

Looking ahead, LiberoAssurance envisions active engagement with ICoCA in policymaking and advocacy endeavours. By participating in shaping industry standards and regulations, the organisation aims to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of ethical practices and accountability within the private security sector.

Encouraging Responsible Conduct

Mr. Lymperopoulos asserts that private security companies and private maritime security companies aspiring to achieve ICoCA certification should engage competent consultants for the development of robust management systems.

“To encourage more private security companies to pursue certification, ICoCA can play a pivotal role by collaborating closely with UN agencies such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to bolster maritime security initiatives”, he adds. Through strategic partnerships and targeted outreach efforts, LiberoAssurance believes that ICoCA can raise awareness about the benefits of certification and foster a culture of responsible conduct among industry stakeholders.



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