As part of ICoCA’s ongoing engagement with the European Union (EU), Jamie Williamson, the Executive Director, had the privilege today of briefing the EU Council Working Party on Human Rights (COHOM). Building on previous dialogues with other European institutions, it provided an opportunity to further explore how the EU and its member states can lend support to ICoCA in its mission.

For a number of years, concerns regarding human rights risks associated with inadequate security practices have been presented to EU institutions, yet comprehensive action has been elusive. However, in light of heightened apprehensions related to entities such as the Wagner Group and other identified malign actors, a shift in perspective may be underway.

Furthermore, the imminent adoption of the EU Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence (CSDDD) holds significant potential, provided it is implemented robustly with accompanying measures. Recognising that poor security practices pose inherent risks, it is reasonable to anticipate that corporations, at a minimum, should be mandated to report on private security within their global supply chains.

Given the EU’s multifaceted role as a user of private security, a regulator, and a political institution committed to upholding human rights, there exists a substantial opportunity to elevate standards within the private security sector. ICoCA looks forward to working further with EU institutions to advance this shared objective.