Webinar – The Hidden ‘S’ in ESG: Investors’ Role in Promoting Responsible Private ‘Security’

Date & Time: 2 November 2023, 17:00-18:00 CET

Location: Online

Organised in partnership with the Investor Alliance for Human Rights

Investors can play in upholding ESG standards within their portfolio companies – especially those that utilise private security providers.

This webinar delves into corporate responsibility and human rights due diligence, marking the launch of a new Investor ESG on Private Security and Human Rights.

Experts share best practices and strategies for investors to actively promote responsible business conduct and human rights within their investment portfolios.

Amongst other questions, panelists consider:

  • Are investors aware of when their portfolio companies contract private security services, particularly in challenging operating environments?
  • What types of material risk and salient human rights risk can private security provision pose?
  • How can investors ensure that the private security firms contracted by their portfolio companies adhere to responsible practices?
  • How can they ensure firms maintain ESG compliance, minimise material risks, and mitigate human rights risks?
  • What tools can help with human rights due diligence on private security providers?

Be empowered to pursue concrete pathways for responsibly managing the “Security” risks in ESG.


Moderator :

Rebecca DeWinter Schmitt, Associate Director, Investor Alliance for Human Rights



  • Dan Neale, Responsible Investment Social Themes Lead, Church Commissioners for England
  • Ayla Prentice, Specialist, Stewardship (Human Rights & Social Issues), UN PRI
  • Chris Galvin, Head of Outreach, International Code of Conduct Association
  • Sandra Atler, Director of the Human Rights and Business Practice Group & Senior Advisor, Enact
  • Richard Graves, Director, Security & Crisis Management, Pan American Silver

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