Exploring Responsible Security in Tanzania’s Extractive Sector


Between 17-28 October 2023, three members of the ICoCA team travelled to Tanzania with a primary focus on engaging with various stakeholders in the extractive industry. The team had three main objectives: 1) documenting a security collaboration model for a best-case study, 2) engaging with clients of private security companies in the extractive sectors, and 3) studying the use of technology in private security, particularly in remote locations.


Exploring a Collaborative Security Model at Geita Gold Mine

The ICoCA staff had the chance to visit the Geita Gold Mine in Tanzania, managed by AngloGold Ashanti. This was an opportunity to delve into a remarkable security collaboration model that involves community policing, local law enforcement, in-house security, and private security services provided by SGA Security, an ICoCA Certified Member. This collaborative model not only safeguards the mine’s operations but also enhances the well-being and prosperity of the surrounding communities. It’s a great example of how businesses can positively impact the regions in which they operate.

During their 3-day visit to Geita, the ICoCA team actively engaged with numerous programme stakeholders, conducting in-depth interviews and documenting their findings with the goal of sharing them as a comprehensive case study.

“Unlocking Tanzania’s Future Mining Potential”

The  ICoCA team then participated in the Tanzania Mining and Investment Forum 2023 in Dar Es Salaam. This event provided an excellent opportunity to connect with industry experts, exchange valuable perspectives, and cultivate partnerships. As an official supporting partner of the event, ICoCA aimed to advocate for the adoption of ethical private security practices that protect the rights of local communities and uphold the principles of transparency and accountability.

The mining sector is notorious for its complex challenges, and ICoCA believes that a collective effort is necessary to address these challenges while ensuring the well-being of all involved parties. As Tanzania, rich in critical minerals, positions itself as a key player in the energy transition, ICoCA is bringing its expertise in promoting the highest standards of human rights, labour conditions, and security practices to the forefront of just transition discussions.

New Technologies and Private Security

The mission concluded with a visit to ICoCA Observer Holcim’s cement plant in Mbeya, where WS Insight, an ICoCA Certified company, provides security. WS Insight are using innovative technologies to complement physical guarding across the entire cement production process, from quarries to bagging.

This visit demonstrated the value of a collaborative approach between ICoCA, its Members, and corporate Observers in remote locations. The sight of the core principles of the International Code of Conduct prominently displayed on notice boards, and witnessing security personnel proudly share their ICoCA training certificates, added a layer of significance to our visit.


ICoCA has a critical role to play in Tanzania’s rapidly growing extractive sector. The mission underscored the importance of ICoCA’s engagement in this dynamic industry, where responsible security practices play a pivotal role in ensuring sustainable growth and the well-being of all stakeholders.