Septimius Security: Balancing Global Reach with Local Integrity in Africa and the Middle East

ICoCA Affiliate since June 2021


Global Force with a Local Touch

Septimius Security (Septimius) is an Irish-registered security company, operating globally but with local influence. It holds offices in Ireland, Libya, Tunisia, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Mauritania, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Kenya, and Somalia including Puntland, and is continuously expanding with new offices opening on a monthly basis as part of its global strategic initiative. Founded in 2020, Septimius currently has over 180 full time staff looking after clients in the Middle East and Africa, largely in Libya.

Septimius Security’s mission stands to plan, execute, monitor, and control through their specialised private security and risk and safety management consulting services. They offer close protection and static guarding for embassies, diplomatic missions, energy generation service providers, country and regional risk assessments, and security surveys. Additionally, they offer services such as securing accommodations, logistics, journey management, visa processing, medical and emergency evacuation services, as well as import and export assistance.

Septimius upholds the idea of a “family ethos”, combining the personalised care of a smaller company with the capabilities to support major organisations. As an Irish-owned company, they leverage Ireland’s unique global presence, free from any political agendas to abide by or foreign policies that might restrict their operations.

A Commitment to International Standards Locally

According to Abdullah Duibi, CEO of Septimius Security, one of the challenges the company faces in its operating environments is maintaining stringent international standards while utilising their local heritage. The firm is committed to bringing “added value” to their local offices and assuring that all their staff members are treated equally regardless of their office location. Septimius Security places a strong emphasis on providing the utmost care and investment in the best equipment and training available. All staff members are therefore encouraged to take monthly online courses to invest in themselves, which, in turn, benefits the organisation.

“Whether in Kenya, Iraq, Ireland or Somalia all our staff are treated the same. Invest in your staff and they will invest in you”, emphasises Mr. Duibi

Acknowledging ICoCA’s global recognition as a benchmark for professional security companies to aspire to, Septimius Security became an Affiliate of the Association in June 2021. With an ambitious goal to expand globally and an annual target of establishing 20 new offices across MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa, the company needs to ensure it maintains its high international standards wherever it operates. “One clear way of achieving this is through our ICoCA accreditation and ISO standards to ensure we remain compliant, adds Mr. Duibi. We are working our way towards full ICoCA Membership soon.”



Learn more about Septimius Security by visiting their website.