Frontier Risk Solutions: Providing Responsible Private Security Services in Southern Somalia

ICoCA Transitional Member since August 2023

A Comprehensive Security Services Offering

Frontier Risk Solutions (FRS) is a private risk management company based in Somalia. Founded in 2018, Frontier Risk Solutions comprises 65 employees who collaborate with their clients to deliver high-quality security services across southern Somali States.

FRS provides a range of integrated security services, including risk management, logistics, and humanitarian access negotiation services. They also offer armed and unarmed security enforcement, as well as armoured B6 and B7 vehicle rental services. Their services extend to a Security Sector Reform programme that places a high value on peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

Navigating Challenges and Upholding Standards

As a responsible security company, Frontier Risk Solutions strives to offer its services despite Somalia’s politically unstable environment and resource scarcity. Operating in an environment with a lack of strong and functioning governmental institutions where corruption is prevalent and nepotism is common presents numerous challenges. Additionally, the absence of advanced technologies and fair competition in procurement and recruitment poses difficulties for Frontier Risk Solutions as they compete with external multinational companies. Consequently, the company faces a shortage of highly skilled personnel. The high turnover of government institution leadership further compounds these challenges.

To address these obstacles, the company took initiative and joined ICoCA as a Transitional Member in August 2023 with a clear mission in mind – to adhere to and align with both national and international standards. According to Mohamed Ali, CEO of FRS, the company’s commitment to following these standards is driven by their dedication to providing the utmost care and due diligence to their clients and stakeholders. “We understand the significance of upholding these principles in an environment as complex and challenging as Somalia, and this commitment has guided our decision to join ICoCA”, he explains.

With his strong local expertise and ICoCA membership, FRS hopes to foster trust among its clients and stakeholders, and expand its knowledge in corporate security and risk management while remaining steadfast in their commitment to promoting and protecting human rights and international humanitarian law. “We believe that being a Member of a highly trusted and recognised responsible security association will give us an edge in the highly competitive Somalian private security industry”, concludes Mr. Ali.



Learn more about Frontier Risk Solutions by visiting their website.