Socios Perú’s: Promoting Dialogue, Conflict Resolution, and Human Rights in Peru

ICoCA CSO Member since July 2015

Promoting Change with Purpose

Socios Perú is a neutral institution whose mission is to advance a dialogue-based culture by building conflict analysis, prevention, management, and resolution skills in order to advance democratic social change in Peruvian society. Headquartered in the capital of Peru, Lima, Socios Perú extends its activities and operations to various departments in the country, including Cusco, Apurímac, Cajamarca, Arequipa, and Ica. In addition to a permanent staff of 5 professionals, Socios Perú has a team of 12 subject-matter experts that focus on a range of topics and activities.

Local management and development, business and human rights, and conflict prevention and management are Socios Perú’s three main areas of interest. The organisation is steadfastly committed to solving important problems in various areas, including extractive industries, private security companies, and building multi-stakeholder debate spaces. Socios Perú works to make a difference and encourage ethical behavior in these priority areas by engaging in activities like advice, training, research, lobbying, and negotiation with a variety of stakeholders, including civil society organisations, state entities, extractive and security companies, and embassies.

Forging Collaborative Solutions with ICoCA

As ICoCA addresses business and human rights, one of the most important work topics for Socios Perú, the latter joined ICoCA in July 2015. The institution also saw an opportunity to connect with civil society organisations worldwide that share similar objectives and concerns. According to Socios Perú’s Executive Director, Carlos Salazar, the organisation has indeed gained a valuable platform for collaboration, sharing experiences, and addressing common challenges in the region, by becoming an ICoCA Member. Additionally, it has enriched their understanding of world-class private security companies.

While they have yet to launch projects in partnership with ICoCA, the potential for future collaborations presents significant opportunities for creating positive change. A standout feature of this institution is the position in addressing security and human right issues within the country. Socios Perú developed a multi-stakeholder Working Groups at the national level in 2010 and regional level in Cusco in 2017 as an important advocate of the Voluntary Principles of Security and Human Rights, demonstrating its commitment to have a constructive influence in this area.


The Path to a Secure and Ethical Future

Looking forward to the future, there are both challenges and prospects that appear for Socios Perú.

“We seek to strengthen the civil society pillar of ICoCA, by promoting greater participation to enhance collective efforts towards shared goals”, states Mr. Salazar.

Additionally, the organisation aims to spread awareness of the Code of Conduct throughout the area of Latin American and the Caribbean, advocating responsible practices and ethical standards. Moreover, Socios Perú strives to influence governments in formulating legislation on private security that aligns with the Code of Conduct, further advancing their mission for security and human rights.



Learn more about Socios Perú by visiting their website.