Advancing Private Security Standards in Peru and Uruguay through Collaborative Engagement


The private security landscape in Latin America is characterised by a dynamic interplay of economic, social, and political factors, shaping diverse practices across the region. Private security companies (PSC) play a pivotal role in safeguarding assets and individuals. However, challenges related to regulations, standards, and responsible practices underscore the need for a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the sector. To introduce and strengthen Latin American private security actors’ knowledge of ICoCA and help raise awareness of their due diligence responsibilities, two ICoCA staff members traveled to Peru and Uruguay from July 20 to 30, 2023.

Amplifying Dialogue

In tandem with the Instituto de Criminología y Estudios sobre la Violencia (ICEV), ICoCA orchestrated an event in Peru bringing together multiple stakeholders of the private security sector with the aim of promoting a space for dialogue to discuss current and future challenges in the industry, as well as explore new opportunities for collaboration and growth.

In Uruguay, the ICoCA team partnered with the Government of Uruguay to carry out training sessions for the regulatory authorities and the private security sector, with the objective of presenting the major international instruments for the promotion of human rights in private security, as well as their implementation and enforcement mechanisms (the Code). The event gathered the main stakeholders of the private security sector in Uruguay and was attended by the President of Federación Panamericana de Seguridad Privada, Prof. Edgardo Ruben Frigo, and representatives of the Ministry of the Interior of Uruguay.

These discussions, oriented toward current and future challenges, unearthed prospects for collaborative growth. This gathering underscored the significance of dialogue as a cornerstone for advancing private security practices.

Gleaning Local Insights

ICoCA’s engagement in Peru and Uruguay extended far beyond the event horizon. Through purposeful dialogues, the Association engaged with a spectrum of stakeholders including ICoCA Member companies, interested non-member companies, civil society organisations (CSOs), PSCs’ clients, diplomatic missions, and local regulatory authorities. These interactions not only offered valuable insights into the unique operational dynamics but also fostered discussions on practical compliance with the Code’s tenets and international benchmarks.

The visits provided an important opportunity for ICoCA to deepen its understanding of the Peruvian and Uruguayan context and the human rights concerns related to private security operations in the countries, and to identify areas for cooperation with other actors to raise private security industry standards through multi-stakeholder action. Engagement with PSCs, CSOs and client companies was very important to better understand the local operating environment and the evolution of the private security industry in Peru and Uruguay, as well as to discuss companies’ efforts and challenges in implementing the requirements of the Code and in complying with international standards.


ICoCA is committed to sustained engagement in the Latin America and Carribbean region, as demonstrated through this year’s trips to Colombia, Peru and Uruguay, and the launch of our Spanish website.