On behalf of the ICoCA Board of Directors and the Secretariat, we are pleased to announce the call for nominations to fill the vacant CSO Pillar Board Director seat. Please find information on the election process below.


Board Director (CSO) Nomination and Election Process 2023

Elections will take place for one Civil Society Organisation (CSO) Director position. The Director finishing her mandate is Beatrice Godefroy.

The Association therefore invites all CSO Members to nominate candidates to fill this seat, and to serve a three-year term as a Director.



The Association is now calling for candidates to be identified and nominated for the open Board seat representing the CSO Pillar. CSO Members are encouraged to identify and nominate candidates who wish to be considered for the open seat on the ICoCA Board. The outgoing Board Director is not allowed to reapply. Interested parties should nominate candidates by 15 July 2023, taking into consideration the following eligibility criteria:

  • Candidates may be an employee, officer, or director of a CSO Member or an individual who is not employed by or otherwise affiliated with a CSO Member but who is (and whom the voting Members agree is) well positioned to serve as a representative of Civil Society on the Board.
  • Regardless of whether the candidate is an employee, officer, or director of a CSO Member, the candidate’s employer must indicate that it will permit the candidate to devote the necessary time to Board matters.
  • Candidates must be willing and able to devote sufficient time to Board duties. Travel to Board meetings, participation in Board and Pillar telephone calls, and time spent on other Board matters (including service on one or more Board committees and/or working groups) is expected.
  • Candidates must be willing and able to devote sufficient time to the further strengthening of the CSO Pillar in line with ICoCA’s upcoming Strategic Plan. This includes participating in regular Pillar calls, outreach activities and the development of action plans and CSO engagement strategies as needed.
  • Expertise on the Europe, USA, Middle East, or Asia, as well as proven experience in governance, strategic leadership, fundraising, business & human rights, are significant assets.

Required Submissions from Candidates

Nominations must be received not later than 15 July 2023. Nominations and documentation should be sent via e-mail to the ICoCA Secretariat (e-mail to secretariat@icoca.ch) in .pdf or Word format in order to be considered for the election. The following required documents must be submitted:

  • A written biography of a maximum of 500 words or, alternatively, a CV and bio that sets out, at a minimum, skills or experiences relating to the intersection between private security and human rights/humanitarian law that the candidate believes are relevant to his/her service on the Board of ICoCA, and any experiences and involvement in the governance of multi-stakeholder initiatives, the business and human rights field, human rights monitoring and reporting, and resource mobilisation.
  • At least one (1) written recommendation or endorsement from an existing CSO Member attesting to the applicability of the candidate’s experience and suitability to serve on the Board.
  • Any other information that the candidate believes would be helpful to voting CSO Members in considering the candidate.

Election Process

  • Candidate profiles will be circulated to all current CSO Members no later than 18:00 CET on 17 July 2023.
  • All CSOs will be asked to vote once for a candidate.
  • Only those CSOs whose Membership has been confirmed by the Board and who remain in good standing will be eligible to participate in the voting process.
  • Votes may only be cast:
    1. by email addressed to secretariat@icoca.ch identifying in the e-mail the Member organisation on whose behalf the vote is being cast;
    2. by the voting deadline of 18:00 CET on 17 August 2023.
  • The results of voting will be made known to Members by email on 18 August 2023. The candidate who receives the most votes will be appointed to the open Board seat.
  • In the event of a tie, a further election will be conducted by email within 2 weeks of the Annual General Assembly, with only the two tied candidates as runners.