Pilgrims Africa Limited: Bespoke Security Services in Nigeria and West Africa

ICoCA Transitional Member since January 2022


Extensive Operational Presence and Tailored Security Solutions

Pilgrims Africa Limited (PAL) is a subsidiary of the UK company Pilgrims Group Limited and is a registered Nigerian company. With a workforce of 3,000+ employees, PAL offers a wide range of bespoke risk management services to various industries such as embassies, FMCG companies, telecoms, and large manufacturing facilities. These services include cutting-edge technical solutions, secure journey management, risk assessments, project management, embedded security personnel, and guarding services based on international standards.

Although active in the market since 2001, PAL formally opened its doors in Lagos in 2007. The company has since maintained fully registered offices in key Nigerian cities such as Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Calabar. Additionally, PAL has established forward operating bases in strategic locations across the country such as Sagamu, Ewekoro, Gombe, Kano, and Kaduna. This extensive operational presence allows PAL to efficiently deliver comprehensive security coverage and respond swiftly to clients’ needs throughout the region.

Promoting Integrity and Ethical Practices in Nigeria’s Risk Management Industry

According to Efe Onyoh, PAL’s QHSE/Compliance Manager, “operating a responsible security company poses challenges due to the absence of clear guidelines on security standards and development and training of personnel”. To overcome this, PAL has taken the initiative to establish its own internal policies in collaboration with its London office. By adhering to these self-imposed standards, the company ensures responsible operations in Nigeria and West Africa, prioritising integrity and ethical practices.

In addition to these internal policies, PAL holds a PSC.1 (ISO 18788:2015) certificate and joined ICoCA as a Transitional Member in January 2022 to demonstrate its commitment to complying with international standards and regulations when it comes to human rights. “Through their various programmes and training, ICoCA ensures that there is continual improvement and self-checks / audits”, explains Mr. Onyoh.

Embracing Progress and Innovation for Enhanced Security Practices

As a technology-driven company, Pilgrims Africa Limited recognises the importance of staying current and well-informed. Mr. Onyoh believes that looking ahead, “the challenge lies in finding suitable technology that is up-to-date, reputable, durable, affordable, and non-invasive for the market”. The company is also determined to maintaining world-class training and development programmes to ensure that its employees remain equipped with the latest skills and tools to deliver optimal security services for their clients. “Our focus remains on our people”, adds Mr. Onyoh.

Similarly, Mr. Onyoh thinks that ICoCA’s challenge in the future is to stay up-to-date and actively enhance its reputation while growing. “It is essential for ICoCA to maintain its position as the leading Association of choice for all companies seeking to adhere to international security standards”, he continues. By continually evolving, ICoCA can ensure that it remains at the forefront of the industry, providing valuable support and guidance to its Member organisations.



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