Talon Security Company: Promoting Human Rights in the Iraqi Private Security Sector

ICoCA Affiliate since November 2022


Providing Local Security Services in Iraq     

Talon Security Company Ltd. (Talon) is a private security company headquartered in Baghdad, Iraq, and the Kurdistan Region. With more than 1,000 active employees, Talon is dedicated to providing high-quality security services, risk management, training, and consultation throughout its areas of operation. Talon’s mission is to develop local security resources throughout Iraq and the Kurdistan Region by offering in-country support and transparent accountability to its clients. The company’s hiring of former military, law enforcement, and private security personnel helps its guard force remain flexible and mitigate risk effectively in both low- and high-risk environments. Some of Talon’s services include intelligence gathering, residential and site security, route planning, training, infrastructure protection, and seismic security.


Turning the Tide on Human Rights Compliance

In addition to supporting the United Nations Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, Talon is an ICoCA Affiliate Member and maintains four ISO certifications, including ISO 18788 (Quality Management System). “Talon has always been committed to protecting human rights,” explains Akar Abdulla, Administration Manager at Talon Security Company.


Talon participated in ICoCA to further familiarise all employees of our company with human rights.”


Mr. Ahmed describes how Talon’s ICoCA Affiliate status has provided the company’s personnel with specialised human rights training and procedures. Mr. Ahmed views Talon’s commitment to high human rights standards and compliance as setting the company apart; however, as the private security industry flourishes in Iraq, Talon’s human rights focus may also become a positive example for adjacent security companies.


Maintaining Quality in a Competitive Market

But operating a responsible security company in a competitive market does not come without its challenges. Although human rights are at the forefront of Talon’s security policy, some companies may cut corners in order to gain access to more tenders, usually at the cost of quality of services and/or working conditions for employees.


In 2022, the number of private security companies headquartered in Iraq surpassed those located in both the United Kingdom and the United States. As the Iraqi security industry takes flight, demand for local, in-country support is also on the rise, and further calls for higher industry standards have placed pressure on companies to stand out. Because of our high-quality work, our prices are high,” Mr. Ahmed explains, “so we see the risk of under-pricing as the biggest challenge because it will lower the quality of our work.”


One of the greatest obstacles facing the private security industry in the years ahead is the affordability of prioritising human rights and certification. ICoCA and Member companies like Talon, however, hope to turn the tide, advocating for a renewed focus on human rights compliance throughout the sector.




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