ICoCA is pleased to announce that an Executive Summary outlining results of the 2021 Company Self-Assessment (CSA) is now available. The CSA is a questionnaire which all Member and Affiliate companies have to complete on a yearly basis. It offers companies an opportunity to reflect on successes, challenges and concerns on how the company implements the principles of the International Code of Conduct.

Read the report here.

Response rate

Completion rates for the 2021 CSA were high. Of the 98 member and affiliate companies, only four failed to complete the assessment. All four had announced prior to the launch of the CSA that they would withdraw from ICoCA. Of these companies, one withdrew as a result of changes in their primary operating environment (Afghanistan), another withdrew but has since reapplied to join ICoCA, whilst a further company withdrew because it was no longer operating as a private security company. It re-joined ICoCA as an Observer through another entity.


Based on the analysis of the 2021 CSA, the main recommendations are as follows:

  1. Private security companies must ensure that they have in place a process to identify potential and adverse human rights impacts which stem from their ongoing and proposed activities.
  2. Private security companies must consider what language(s) is appropriate for stakeholders and then communicate with their stakeholders in this language.
  3. Private security companies should actively monitor their incident reporting systems, and recognise that zero incidents do not necessarily mean that no incidents are occurring.
  4. Private security companies should ensure that selection and vetting procedures as outlined in the Code apply to subcontractors.