In Q2 2022 (April-June), six new companies were approved, two joined ICoCA as certified members and four joined as transitional members.

A total of nine certifications were approved in Q2, 2022, including 6 new certifications and 3 recertifications as follows:

  • BM Security (Kenya) – Certification
  • Argus Security Projects (Ukraine)– Certification
  • Physical Risk Solutions (UAE) – Certification
  • Pyramid Temi Group (Italy) – Certification
  • SGA Security Group (Kenya) – Certification
  • Tutare Group (UAE) – Certification
  • Al Murabit Security Services (Iraq) – Recertification
  • Frontline Responses Finland (Finland) – Recertification
  • Salama Fikira International (UK) – Recertification

To read the full Membership Update for April-June 2022, please see here.