ICoCA is pleased to offer all current ICoCA corporate pillar Members and Affiliates with free access to a comprehensive suite of education resources developed by ICoCA Observer, MSS Global – an internationally accredited certification body. MSS Global’s Recognized Progression Education Resource Suite is a self-help education resource that supports companies to build their own strong, ethical governance structures, helping them to meet the expectations of the International Code of Conduct and ICoCA recognized standards: ISO 18788, ISO 28007 and PSC.1.

Please note this offer is only available to current ICoCA Member and Affiliate companies in good standing, and grants one free license (to a designated email address) per company to draw on these free resources while membership remains current. The offer is not valid for ex-Member or ex-Affiliate companies or consultants. 

For Affiliate and Transitional Members, the “Recognized Progression Education Resource Suite” provides a handrail along a logical, business oriented learning pathway, to help companies ensure they have sound governance foundations in place from which to build. For ICoCA Certified Members, the Suite provides a rich resource for staff learning, education and continuous professional development across a range of related topics.

We are grateful to MSS Global for making these resources freely available to our Affiliate and Member companies, and look forward to our Member and Affiliate companies taking advantage of these resources.

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