This short guidance document, ‘Insurance Cover for Certification of Security Companies – Norms of Expectation’, provides a summary of the types of insurance cover that a security company operating internationally is likely to need to cover risks and liabilities arising from its operations and activities, and therefore satisfy certification bodies and client contracts. These are norms of expectation and, while not specific certification requirements, there should be strong, clear cover should a security company consider alternate approaches to covering their risks and liabilities.  Insurance requirements are specific to each organisation due to its variety of operations and locations, so a summary cannot be definitive, but these are the basics that should be considered to credibly support operations and thus certification. There are brief additional notes in places to explain why. 


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This guidance document has been compiled by Simon Cassey, ICoCA Observer, of Chesterfield Insurance Brokers with input from Andrew Pickthorn, Managing Director of Tysers and Co-Founder of the Hostile Environment Liability Protection (HELP) Programme and Simon Koe, Director of Tysers and Co-Founder of he Hostile Environment Liability Protection (HELP) Programme.

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