Lydhia, BM Security, Kenya

Lydhia is 38, she’s a security guard with BM Security, Kenya, she’s been with the company for nine years.

“My normal work day involves record keeping, welcoming visitors, patrolling and keeping an eye on intruders. Being in a man dominated area is challenging and working with men makes me feel good and I get to prove to myself that what a man can do I can do better. To balance my family time, I wake up very early and prepare my children before leaving for work. It is challenging but I plan all my family activities and chores during my days off, this makes it easier for me to juggle work and home. This is a career like any other and I am proud of it. I believe in myself and I am very confident this is what keeps me going. Being a woman is not an inability, I am equal to the task !”


Dina, BM Security, Kenya

Dina is 29 and she’s been a security guard with BM Security for three years.

“My normal work day involves keeping an eye on visitors, preventing trespassing on private property and theft, patrolling and monitoring of CCTV Cameras, assisting visitors and Ensuring all visitors adhere to the COVID-19 safety rules such as wearing of masks

My work is demanding and I have to balance my time hence my off days and leave days are dedicated to my family. I take a lot of pride in my work. Just like any job I face challenges especially because people view my profession as a man’s job but excelling in it and proving myself is what keeps me going. Being a woman in security I strive to remain focussed and excel in my performance. One thing I like the most about my work is that its dynamic and I get to meet a lot of people.”