3rd International Forum on Non-Traditional Security, Hangzhou, China

Jamie Williamson, Executive Director of ICoCA, gave the keynote address at the 3rd International Forum on Non-Traditional Security, Hangzhou, China. Mr. Williamson, who along with other speakers presented remotely, pointed out that the year of 2020 marked the 10th anniversary of the signing of the International Code of Conduct for Providers of Private Security. Since signing the Code and the establishment of ICoCA, over 100 security companies from the world over, including in China, have joined the Association and taken the necessary steps to ensure that they are operating in accordance with internationally recognised standards, as contained in the international code of conduct. Mr Williamson remarked that the COVID-19 pandemic has required us all to rethink the security model and the manner in which private security can be delivered in accordance with the principles contained in the code. In particular, the growing reliance on new technologies by security companies and a growth in the footprint of local security providers give rise to a new set of considerations and realities.