We are pleased to announce the launch of a new ‘Young Professionals Fund’. The economic impact of the COVID-19 is unprecedented in modern history. Young professionals, who already faced an uphill struggle with shrinking opportunities for stable employment, are now graduating into a highly volatile job market with far fewer opportunities and increasing competition. Many employers are either delaying their recruitment or reducing the number of graduates they take on-board due to the dire economic situation. In Geneva, recent graduates and young professionals in the fields of international law, business and human rights, and non-profit management have seen internships, placements and field missions cancelled and/or postponed indefinitely.

We are launching the ‘Young Professionals Fund’ to provide more opportunities for young graduates interested in contributing to ICoCA’s mission. For recent graduates, working for ICoCA means getting to work with some of the world’s leading companies, governments and civil society organisations in promoting human rights and responsible security. Our Members will in turn benefit from having young talent involved in the initiative.

We are calling on our Members and any other interested parties to consider contributing to the Fund, which will be supported by voluntary contributions and administered separately from ICoCA’s accounts.  100% of all contributions received will go directly to cover the salaries and benefits of Young Professionals recruited through the programme. We accept donations at any level. Special acknowledgement will be given to donors who contribute at the following levels:

  1. Gold – CHF 10,000
  2. Silver – CHF 5,000
  3. Bronze- CHF 1,000

If your organisation is interested in fully funding a position for six months, please get in touch by emailing