Achieving ICoCA Certification – Why the Investment?


Is ICoCA Certification achievable for private security companies and is it really worth the time, cost and effort?

ICoCA convened a panel discussion with representatives from private security companies who have achieved ICoCA Certification or are in the process, a representative from an accredited Certification Body and an independent expert who will provide their insights on recognised standards. Questions considered include:

  • Why should private security companies become ICoCA Certified?
  • What are the risks of not becoming ICoCA Certified?
  • What does ICoCA Certification entail – how long does it take & how much does it cost?
  • How does ICoCA Certification fit into the broader certification landscape?


Jamie Williamson, Executive Director, ICoCA


Peter Snell, Director, Centurion Security S.A., Guatemala
Conrad Thorpe, CEO, Salama Fikira, Kenya
Jess Marlow, Operations Support Manager, LGS, Nigeria
Tony Chattin, Director, MSS Global, UK
Dr. Rebecca DeWinter-Schmitt, Director, Human Rights in Business Program, Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, American University Washington College of Law


February 26th, 2019