Approved Amendment to the Code of Conduct: New Transitional Membership Process

The 2017 Annual General Assembly formally amended Article 3.3.1 (Membership) of the Articles of Association with the adoption of a new Transitional Membership Process. With this amendment, Companies that have yet to achieve ICoCA Certification will be able to continue to participate in the Association whilst working towards obtaining ICoCA Certification. These Companies will be referred to as Transitional Member companies, and will be given a maximum of 2 years to obtain ICoCA Certification and become ICoCA Certified Members. For current Member Companies, the Transitional Process will start on April 15, 2018, and for new Companies joining after 15 April 2018, on the date of joining the Association. Transitional Members will pay the same dues as ICoCA Certified Members and enjoy the same rights and privileges in the governance of the Association.

As part of the ICoCA Oversight responsibilities, the Secretariat will work closely with Transitional Members to enable and ensure compliance with the Code and achieve ICoCA Certification.

A complete overview of the Transitional Membership Process can be found here.

The list of companies that have achieved ICoCA Certification and are therefore ICoCA Certified Members can be found here.