The purpose of the ICoCA is to promote, govern and oversee implementation of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC) and to promote the responsible provision of security services and respect for human rights and national and international law in accordance with the Code of Conduct. The mandate of the Association is anchored in its statutes, also known as the Articles of the Association.


Its mandate is threefold:


  • Certification of Member Companies assessing whether a company’s systems and policies meet the requirements of the Code of the Conduct (Article 11 AoA);
  • Reporting, Monitoring and Assessing Performance of Member Companies’ compliance with the Code of Conduct based on established human rights methodologies, including in the field (Article 12 AoA);
  • Handling complaints on alleged violations of the Code of Conduct, including allegations that the Member Companies’ grievance mechanism is not accessible, fair, or not offering effective remedies (Article 13 AoA).


The procedures to operationalize these functions were adopted by a vote at the 2016 Annual General Assembly, and are now being implemented by the Secretariat, as part of an integrated approach to ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct.