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Benefits for Clients

Responsible private security


Clients who contract ICoCA Member Companies as private security service providers benefit from:


  • Quality of service: ICoCA’s standards for membership and certification, and its ongoing monitoring function, assure high professional standards and best practice in governance;
  • Lower risks of liability and reputational damage by contracting with vetted companies that have demonstrated a commitment to the responsible provision of security services;
  • External support to ensure compliance with the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers, including with regard to training.


Integrity and respect for human rights


The ICoCA relies on active participation from Members and partners in order to ensure integrity and compliance to the Code of Conduct by PSCs; and the Association is developing a large and diverse network to monitor its Members’ performance and support the Complaints function.


The Association is guided by Member Companies, governments, and non-profit organisations specialised in aspects of regulation of the private security sector, human rights, and related thematic areas. Participation by the three membership pillars (Government, private security industry, and civil society), as well as Observers, in the governance of the Association ensures that ICoCA fulfils its mandate to promote responsible, professional private security services.


ICoCA’s Member Companies commit to an integrated approach to ensuring compliance with the Code of Conduct:


  • Certification, consisting of meeting a recognised international standard and a thorough review of human rights and employment practices;
  • Monitoring to identify and address any issues, particularly in human rights performance;
  • Complaints function to support Member company grievance mechanisms and facilitate access to alternative remedies as needed.


ICoCA support


The ICoCA Secretariat stands ready to assist clients in sourcing responsible private security companies:


  • Delivery of monitoring and complaints functions;
  • Assistance to  private security providers in providing responsible security services;
  • Support on issues and barriers to membership or compliance with the Code of Conduct;
  • Advice on incorporating the Code of Conduct in procurement.

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