ICoCA handles complaints and monitors its Member companies and Affiliates regarding their compliance with the Code through: remote tracking; mandatory reporting; in person site visits; and its civil society network.

An overview of the compliance concerns, complaints and company terminations is provided below.

Complaints received (at the end of March 2021 / to date)
Total Alleging a violation of the Code Against Member companies
2 / 33 0 / 0 0/ 6
Compliance concerns (at end of March 2021 / to date)
Personnel Misconduct Management and Governance Other
1 / 3 2 / 5 1/ 3
Terminations of Company Membership in 2021
Total Non-payment/withdrawal Cooperation in bad faith
5 5 0


Issues and allegations forming the basis of complaints and non-compliance concerns to date include: labor disputes (breach of contract, non-payment of salaries); alleged violations of section F of the Code of Conduct; miscellaneous.